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Childhood Unplugged: Activities That Get Your Kids Out in Nature

Our children are now considered to be digital natives. In other words, they are some of the first generations to be literally born into a life that revolves around (and seemingly includes nothing but) mobile devices. Often, this is as soon as they learn to hold one and start pressing buttons. As one NPR article… (read more)

10 Tips to Surviving Summer Camp – Kids’ Edition

Summer means a break from homework and early mornings, and what kid isn’t excited for that? Weeks of late nights, lazy days, sleepovers, videogames, and all manner of non-school related shenanigans. Then, your parents decide summer camp might be a fun way to spend part of the vacation. If you’ve never been, it may seem… (read more)

10 Tips to Surviving Summer Camp – Parent Edition

The thought of sending your child off to summer camp comes with mixed emotions. It’s nice to think you’ll have some freedom and flexibility because they are gone. However, you’ll also miss their smiling faces and worry a little bit about how they are doing. For some parents, this upcoming summer camp may be the… (read more)

Calming Kids: 9 Activities to Get Out the Wiggles

Kids seem to have boundless amounts of energy. You may wish to harness that raw power as your own personal parental boost. Though it would also be nice if there was an off switch to the wiggles when you needed a break. While neither of those wishes may come true, there are some activities that… (read more)

7 Kid Friendly Recipes for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Preparing our kids for independence – sounds scary, right? Ensuring they have basic life skills like how to do laundry, how to sew a button back on, how to clean the house, how to change a tire, or even how to put together a cohesive back to school outfit.  Building on their recipe for success, kids… (read more)

Potty Training: When Are They Ready?

As parents, it’s great when your kids start becoming more independent. We like to know that they are becoming more capable of taking care of things without us always being around. One of these is moving on from diapers to using the potty. While it’s an important step, it’s best not to rest kids and… (read more)

10 Kidpreneurs Who Built Successful Businesses

It’s never too early to start a business. While some kids start with a lemonade stand or lawn mowing service, other young entrepreneurs have taken a different path to success. Numerous kidpreneurs are already proving that any age is a good time to start a business like these 10 have done. 1. Ally Mollo: Custard… (read more)

Crafty Ideas That Are Toddler Tested, Mommy Approved

When you think of crafts, you might start to worry about what your toddler can actually do. Perhaps how quickly the house might be destroyed. With visions of scissors and glue running through your head, it would be easy to dismiss the craft idea. All you might see is mess, potential injury, or failure to… (read more)

Cultivating Cultural Understanding

The Internet has opened up the world in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. Interacting with those in other parts of the world is as easy as going on a social media site or reading a newsfeed. It’s made many more people aware of other cultures to different degrees. Sadly, that doesn’t automatically equate to… (read more)

5 Date Night Drop Off Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may have been invented to goad you into spending your hard earned cash on flowers, frills and fluff, but some years it comes as the perfect excuse for you and the love of your life to spend some quality time with each other. Whether it is an evening or day time “date,” the… (read more)